Filminger, un groupe
Visual Stocks




Filminger offers a complete range of services for the distribution and storage of your films.

Distribution management

    A local service throughout France.
    Our teams package and distribute film copies for national release:
    • collection of film copies from the laboratories
    • delivery of copies to Paris and the surrounding region
    • next day delivery at the best prices
    • identification of film copies with a Gencod system


    Precise adherence to your programme
    • Real-time integration of your materials into our tracing system
    • Individual storage of items on shelving, in boxes or on palettes
    • Optimisation of your stock
    • Secured access to your stock


    Strict monitoring of your films to respect your work
    • Cutting of trailers for cinema distribution, insertion onto the first reel
    • Visual checking of your films when returned after use on winding tables and with 16 and 35 mm viewers
    • Quality control

Destruction / Recycling

    Continual renewal of your stock
    Complete management of your used film copies:
    • Regular destruction of films at your request
    • Total recycling (reel, film, core)
    • Sale of canisters, cores and recycled trailers at competitive prices.

Our membership to the SAGA national network (Bolloré Group) guarantees the distribution of your films throughout France.